"In my redesigned book cover design system, I focus on highlighting the written word as the central theme, emphasising the fact that each word within each Short Introduction is carefully chosen."
Oxford’s Very Short Introductions series spans an extensive range of subjects, delivering authoritative and accessible insights into diverse fields, from Public Health to Classics.
The series continually evolves to suit a contemporary readership, with over 700 titles and numerous new editions, offering an indispensable resource to enrich understanding across various areas of study.
The design concept revolves around the metaphor of meticulously cutting through layers of paper to reveal the core essence of each book, symbolising the act of delving into the content.
Style Guide
Each category boasts a distinct colour for both paper and text. The chosen typeface, Pangram Pangram’s Neue Machina, conveys the hand-crafted appearance of precision cutting, emphasising the art of the written word.
What sets this concept apart is the inclusion of actual text from the book, with the opening page and two additional pages becoming a captivating part of the cover, enticing readers to engage with the content from the very moment they lay eyes on the book.
These covers, as a tribute to the power of the written word, offer a unique and visually engaging experience for readers across the various diverse categories, whilst also encapsulating the essence of each subject within a single glance of the cover.

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