This University of Melbourne group project was to rebrand a milk company sold in Australia.
Our group chose Saint David Dairy - a micro-dairy located in Fitzroy, producing milk locally and honestly.
Jacques Cooney Adlard:
Wordmark Logo Design, Branding, Marketing Digital Illustrations, Style Guide, Mock-Up Imagery.
When our team decided to pick dairy milk for this rebranding project, we came across St David Dairy. The intention was to develop a premium dairy milk brand that prides itself on customer loyalty, local community and packaging sustainability. 
St David Dairy is aligned with all those values and is the closest to what is accessible as far as traditional milk production methods go.
The Saint David Dairy wordmark logo is an integral part of the concept rebrand. 
Inspired by both vintage and modern dairy logos, the wordmark utilises rounded playful typography in a clean, structured way — representing the brand’s values. 
The wordmark logo resonates with the target market of everyday dairy milk drinkers, positioning the brand as both barista-preferred and fun. 
David is Saint David Dairy’s milk-loving cow mascot! He is warm, fun, and very passionate about barista-preferred milk! 
David is utilised as an illustration throughout brand applications - he is another integral part of the Saint David Dairy rebrand.
David is a versatile mascot - he has many personalities, yet always loves Saint David Dairy Milk! Whether lying on the grass, baking a cake, or simply standing around, David is always quirky and curious.
A key aspect of the Saint David Dairy branding is photography chosen and edited in a way inspired by mid-century advertising illustrations. Photography should reflect the warmth and simplicity of life in mid-century advertising illustrations, drawing from a time when the advertising world was seen through a lens of optimism.

Contrasting this 50s imagery is the highlighting of Saint David Dairy’s close-knit connection to the Fitzroy neighbourhood through imagery of local landmarks, Fitzroy streets, and even customer testimonials. These visuals reinforce Saint David Dairy’s role as a local and community-focused dairy.

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