About Bay Laurel Psychiatry
Bay Laurel Psychiatry is a Psychiatry practice located in Melbourne that provides a caring mental health service.
The company approached me needing to completely rebrand their business, needing a new name, logo, identity system and website that would better reflect their mission and values. The goal was to create an identity system that would appeal to their patients, while also standing out in the competitive psychiatry market.
Logo Design
After researching the field of caring mental health services, both the traditional clinic services and the innovative new apps and websites, we decided to create a brand that highlights both the expertise of the medical professionals, as well as the consumer desires for feelings of well-being, growth and transformation - encapsulated by nature.
This research led us to the bay laurel plant, which is known for its healing properties throughout history. The logo utilises a colour scheme and typography inspired by both the plant and common tropes in the psychiatry field, as well as a simplified graphic representation of the bay laurel, which can be utilised across the brand identity system.
Identity Design
The logo and other elements of the identity system were implemented across the website and other marketing materials. The colour scheme, typography, and bay laurel illustration from the logo were carried over to the whole identity system, creating a cohesive and consistent brand image. 
Business cards, brochures, and other materials were designed using the new identity system, utilising colour, pattern, and a clean, modern layout inspired by nature.
Website Design
The website design was created with a clean, minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on ease of navigation and user experience. Like the rest of the identity system, the website design is inspired by nature, as well as both the traditional and modern elements of mental healthcare, utilising elements from both the logo and identity system to create a cohesive brand.
The client was thrilled with the new brand and identity system, and it has received positive feedback from patients and the community. The new website design has led to an increase in website traffic, and patient retention has also improved. The logo and branding have helped Bay Laurel Psychiatry to stand out in the competitive market and communicate its unique, modern approach to mental health care.
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